Free! Exercise Stress Test!

Yes….free exercise stress test…..hopped on my bike today and did 14…..count em…14 miles! We have the most wonderful place to ride in our town, the Tanglefoot Trail. It’s an old railroad track converted to a walking and bike trail. It stretches for miles and miles.

Today I was riding by myself. I usually ride with some other ladies all about my age, and I’m newest to the riding group. Needless to say, it’s harder for me to keep up with them. But I figure as long as my wheels are moving and I’m still pedaling I’m accomplishing something.

The trail was very quiet today, only saw a couple other people who were walking and saw one of the patrolling officers who travels the trail in a golf cart. So, even though you’re by yourself, you’re really not alone.

The trail has mile markers that help you keep up with the distance and I also have my trusty Apple watch))) As Dave Ramsey would say….it was a “want” thing and not a “need.” But I sure have enjoyed it! Haven’t figured out all the settings yet, but it’s kind of neat to look down and see that you’ve covered a quarter mile….half mile….and oh look! You’ve pedaled off those TWO Life Savers you ate last night….

Riding down the trail at your leisure you become aware of all the sounds….the birds….the leaves rustling….the trickling of a small brook. The brook was such a pleasant sound I had to get off my bike and take a look at it. Well my poetic babbling brook…..turned out to be water running out of a culvert into a ditch. I almost wished now I had kept my seat on the bike….but it still was a very restful sound.

Further on down the trail I noticed the fragrance of Kudzu.  It has sort of a grapey scent. Now those of you that don’t what Kudzu is….it’s sort of an interesting story.

Kudzu was introduced to Mississippi many years ago as a prevention for soil erosion. Now I think it’s called the “vine that ate the South.”

It grows everywhere…and it’s difficult to impossible to control. It creeps and encroaches over anything and everything in it’s sight.

Unsuspecting folks new to the South probably think…..oh look… topiaries! In reality, it’s Kudzu covering a bush, tree, fence….a light pole….if you stand still for two minutes, the vine sill start running up your leg. saw some magenta berries on some polk salad. Well, we always called it poke salad, it could or could not be, but the berries were what got my attention.

Back during my cotton picking days, we
would take those berries and press them against our pick sack to write our names on the sack.

Come to think of it, this is the only thing these berries were ever good for, other than a snack for birds.

The prettiest thing I saw on my ride today were the Black Eyed Susans growing wild along side of the trail. And there were some weeds that had flowering tops that were quite pretty in white, purple and red.

Isn’t it amazing that even the lowly weed made by our Lord has it’s chance to shine in the sun so gloriously even if its only for a day or two.

I guess we’re all like that. We have our moment or moments to shine in the sun.

We just need to take note, commit those times to memory and treasure them.

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