Hopalong Cassidy

Today in history – William Boyd died September 12, 1972. He was better known as the beloved Hopalong Cassidy with his fantastic horse.

He was a western hero to children. In 1950, his show had become the 7th most popular television show in America. All kids wanted to be like Hoppy, wear a black hat or own any of the toys, chaps and guns that were mass produced at that time.

http://www.babyboomerblogger.com/2015/09/hopalong-cassidy.htmlA few years ago we did some eBay purchases for a friend in Northern Ireland and vintage lunch boxes were one thing we went on a search for.

Well, what did we find……a Hoppy lunch box and thermos of course! The lunch box was a little battered but my goodness….wonder how many time it had been wagged to school and stashed under a desk waiting for lunch.


Probably filled with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a cookie or piece of fruit and thermos of Koolaid.


The Hopalong lunch box still had a child’s name on on it. Noel Johnson. Wouldn’t it be fun if by some chance Noel Johnson or his descendants saw this image and contacted me! I could tell him where his lunch box resides now)))

In my early school years, our sandwich of choice was a wiener sandwich with mustard, wrapped in waxed paper, bologna with mayo or peanut butter and jelly. We always had Koolaid to drink either grape, strawberry or orange. Sometimes we would have Tang.

I can remember riding on the bus, holding the lunch box in my lap and smelling that sandwich through the little vents in the metal box.


My lunch box was a Mickey Mouse one. Here’s a picture of one like it, but it’s not mine. Mine was forever lost or tossed away after it was no longer needed.

In searching for old lunch boxes for my friend, I found that many times the thermos became separated from the box to no surprise.

We had a lot of fun finding boxes that were in surprisingly good shape, and even more fun bidding on them. It’s really fun to bid when you’re bidding with someone else’s money! We came away with quite a few finds))
davy crockett vintage thermos bottleThe Davy Crockett box in the photo was purchased on eBay. It didn’t have a thermos, but we found one elsewhere!

This lunch box has Davy Crockett “King of the Wild Frontier” on one side and Kit Carson on the other.

Reading about the both of them was a favorite past time. And who doesn’t remember the Davy Crockett TV show with Fess Parker!

During my search for lunchboxes one of the greatest finds was a Roy Rogers lunch box and thermos. Our youngest grandson immediately took possession of it and declared it his. I have to say….I was mighty tempted to hang on to that box, but opted for a photo shoot then packed it up and sent it across the water to the buyer. But we had fun with it for an afternoon))) Here’s some images.


This photo was taken in the playhouse we built a few years ago for the grands. The old chairs came out of the school I attended in the late 1950’s and 1960’s.


I hope the boots are on the right feet…..Matt was notorious during this time for putting his boots on the wrong feet!


He really did have a hard time understanding why this wasn’t his lunch box to take home. This vintage Roy Rogers box and thermos was well more than $100 on eBay so I promised to find him another…..course you know how that goes…..he’s in the second grade now and I never came up with a replacement(((  But we had fun that afternoon playing in the backyard and having lunch.

*Note: Well, would you believe when I was writing this post that Matt walked in (now in the second grade) and saw….awwww….my lunchbox…..why did you sell it???? lol Made me do a search on eBay and look for another! We saw them ranging from $50 to $1,800!! Yikes….maybe I can talk him into some bright and shiny new)))

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