Addicted to Diet Coke

 Sharing a post from 4/13/15

Day 1 – No Diet Coke

Breakfast turns out to be okay……one scrambled egg, chopped Yellow Delicious apple sauteed in a tiny bit of coconut oil and a dash of cinnamon. Certainly was enough of a breakfast and the warm apples were nice and soft. This meal was okay))

Lunch – 1/2 cup cooked lentils with a tsp of Dijon mustard and smidgen of chopped garlic, tossed over about 2 cups of greens and a few toasted English walnuts. Not bad, not my favorite, but filling.

Supper (in the South, we call it supper, but it’s the dinner meal). If you invite someone to dinner, they might show up at 12:00 pm and be expecting lunch. So if someone asks you “what time do y’all want to eat dinner?….” what they really want to know is what time is lunch.

My “evening” meal was not bad. I was really sort of hungry and this first 5 days is mostly salads… I thought I would fix something a little more substantial.

Fresh cod is on the 20/20 list. Now…for most of you, running out to the meat/fish market or grocery to pick up a package of fresh cod might be easy as pie. No so here. We live out in the county and the nearest fresh cod for me would be at least a 30 minute drive. No time for that. So, I visit the local grocery and just ask…..knowing the answer before hand….but I ask anyway if they have any fresh fish.

The owner, Bruce, just smiled at me with that look like……now, Jeannie….you know better than that. No, all they had was fresh frozen catfish fillets. Is catfish similar to cod? I figure it’s close enough and I grab a pack of fillets and scoot out the door.

Again, we’re in the South remember. Catfish fillets are prime eating around here. But, they are battered and deep fried to a crisp golden brown and served up with hush puppies, slaw and french fries. Lemon, tarter sauce and ketchup, dill pickles and onion slices on the side. The hubby got all excited when I came in with the fish…..that didn’t last.

He elected to eat leftover burgers and let me have my catfish fillets since there were not going to decked out in the usual manner. So, I thawed one out and seared it in a small skillet with about 1 tsp of olive oil, and sprinkled a bit of dill on it.

Dill isn’t in the seasonings for this week but I figured what could it hurt. When the fish was flaky, I put it on my plate with some greens, did the sauteed apple thing again and sprinkled my greens and apple with a few toasted almonds. Had a little bit of Dijon mustard and garlic on the side for my lack of tarter sauce. I love tarter sauce…..have to figure out a way to make it without Mayo.

This meal wasn’t bad, and it was very filling. Plus….I still had a snack left to eat! By around 10:00 pm I thought I might not even need the snack, but didn’t want to venture off the diet plan too much….and it did say…..four meals a day… figured I had better follow the guidelines.

My snack was natural peanut butter and four Triscuits. The book called for Rye Crisps…..which I assume is Rye crackers…..and I don’t like Rye….so I opted for the next closest thing (I guess) whole wheat Triscuits. The book called for 2 Rye Crisps…….does anyone know how big a Rye Crisp is? I don’t…so I figured it must be bigger than a Triscuit because they are pretty small……so I ate 4.

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