Still No Diet Coke

Sharing a post from April 14, 2015:

My eyes open and my first thought of the day……can’t have a Diet Coke.

It wasn’t even that tax day is looming and we haven’t heard from our accountant yet…….my first thought was missing my Diet Coke.

My morning routine usually means hitting the floor, bathroom, straight to the frig and popping the top on a can of Diet Coke…..nothing else before this……no computer….no hellos….just Diet Coke.

This morning I had to change my routine……pulled a green tea out of the frig instead and said the morning hellos (to the hubby and the dog) and off to the computer.

By the time I had finished my green tea, checked on orders, replied to emails all those usual morning things….I realized I wasn’t even hungry this morning. So when the hubby asked if I wanted to go walk…..figured it was a great time to go.

We have to drive to go walk…..doesn’t that sound crazy. He had already made a trip to town and was going to meet me at the trail on the way home….so I had to drive over to the trail.

We have this wonderful place to walk or ride bikes in our area. I’ve blogged about it before. The Tanglefoot Trail.

So, we did a little over 2 miles on the trail and head back home. My husband is tall and his strides are much longer than mine, so it’s really a bit of a workout for me to keep up. So…technically….I shouldn’t have to walk as afar as he does…….just a thought)))

Back at home by 10:00 am and it’s time to eat something, though I’m still not very hungry. Think I’ll try the parfait using non-fat vanilla yogurt, Red Delicious Apple, toasted almonds. This makes a big bowl of food….and it was good. This is a breakfast I can get used to.

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