Out on the Town with Maggie!

Maggie is our 12 year old granddaughter and she is many things rolled into one crazy, lovely package)) She is into sports….getting into makeup…..an avid learner of everything! She is funny, adores animals and stands her ground with her two brothers.

She just started cheer leading this year for the Junior High team and has so much fun at the games….her exuberance just spreads all over the place.


This photo was taken after the first game (the old man belongs to me…..we’ve been together for 46 years so I guess I’ll keep him).

Thursday night Maggie and I had an opportunity to go out on the town))) We had tickets for Smokey Joe’s Cafe in Tupelo so we left out early enough to get a bite too eat before the theater.

Tupelo is a pretty large town, don’t know the population exactly, but you know it as the birthplace of Elvis Presley. Anyway, there are lots of nice restaurants to choose from. Figured it should be Maggie’s choice since this was her night. She chose Danver’s …..well…it was her choice…so off to Danver’s we went.


We enjoyed our dinner and had a little time to kill before the theater, but just not quite enough to go off to the mall for any real shopping or anything.

But we had time to fool around in the Halloween decorations at Walgreen’s))


Maggie is much like me in that she loves Halloween and decorating…..she tried out several masks and goofy stuff before we moved on to the theater.


We headed to the theater where Smokey Joe’s Cafe was showing. The Tupelo Community Theater presents in the old Lyric movie theater downtown.


Once inside the old theater, we tried our hand at a selfie…..sorry, these images just didn’t turn out well in the dim theater light. (That’s my excuse anyway.)


After the show was over, we headed back to Pontotoc having had a really nice time out on the town.


One of these days, this night on the town will be reversed….and maybe Maggie will take me out to see a show…..and let me choose the restaurant)))

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