Re-Purposing Old Metal Lanterns

These old metal lanterns have been laying around in the garage for a long time. They had been outside for a really, really long time, filled with leaves and melted candle wax.

We had used them several years ago for a backyard Halloween party and they just got left outside, out of the way for way too long.

Anyway, the hubby said….time to junk them….but I thought they were still too good to toss away, so figured I’d try my hand at re-painting them with some left over chalk paint.

Watch the video! 
The lanterns came from RAZ a long time ago and as you can see, they really were not intended for outdoor use. They were very faded and rusted. The glass panels were still intact and when they were new you could slide the glass out for cleaning, but no more.
I cleaned them up as best as possible, but didn’t use too much effort since they were so old and headed for the trash anyway and I didn’t want to break the glass.
 My first coat was the Valspar Chalky Finish Paint. It was purchased from Lowe’s and I just followed the direction on the label for drying times, etc. 
The paint is available in several colors and they mix it up for you right at the counter. I used a small brush and just painted away! 
 I put two coats of the Chalky Finish Paint on both lanterns and was then ready for the antiquing part.
The second step was to paint with the Antiquing Wax. This was very dark and almost gel like. It painted on very easy with the small brush.

I painted a small area at a time, then wiped the excess away with a soft cloth. You can wipe off as much as you want depending on how you want your project to look. I was careful not to wipe off too much since I wanted a rustic look.
I didn’t want it to dry too quickly, so I painted a few small areas at a time, stopped and wiped off, then painted more. 
The last step was to paint with the Sealing Wax. You can use two coats of this step, but I only used one. It was SO HOT OUTSIDE!
Actually, once the lanterns were clean, I could have done this project inside. The paint is not messy like typical paint jobs and c
leans up with soap and water. Hindsight is always 20:20 they say…..
 This paint really goes a long way! Course these lanterns really didn’t take much of the paint, but I had already done a good size bathroom cabinet, wall mirror and wall storage shelf with the paint, and I still have about a half can left over of each container.
Here’s my finished project))) Still with a rustic look and will be perfect for autumn decorating. My plan is to use a large, battery candle for the inside and create a fall arrangement to go on top. Now I just have to head to the shop (Trendy Tree) and pick out some fall sprays and ribbons)))
More coming up later from the Baby Boomer Blogger!

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