A Trip to Sappington’s New Albany, MS

Today was another good day for riding down (or up) the Tanglefoot Trail. This day I started at Pontotoc, MS and rode north toward New Albany. Didn’t make it all the way, but called my husband to pick me up at Ingomar which was about 11 miles from Pontotoc. We wanted to drive on in to New Albany to pick up a trailer hitch for the pickup from the Trails and Treads shop.

We can never go to New Albany without visiting Sappington’s….a truly unique men (and women’s) clothing store. Tommy Sappington is the owner and does everything from lending fashion advice to his customers to hemming pants for them. It’s always fun to shop there and visit.
He has great advice for gifting and carries only the best quality clothing. He is also an expert craftsman.

Today he gave us a bit of history about the antique National cash registers he has refurbished and uses daily.


This old cash register turned out beautifully! Tommy told us the reason for the marble plate on the front under the keys, was so the merchant could tap nickels on it to check for slugs.

Guess even back in the olden days customers would try to pass off slugs as legitimate coins…..this way they could be checked right then and there. So, the sophisticated methods that we see nowadays with paper checks being instantly confirmed by banks or debit/credit cards….isn’t anything new at all!

His shop is full of unique antiques like an old Underwood Typewriter, vintage Coca Cola machine,old adding machine and more.


This is a Burroughs adding machine and very old.  There is a handle on the side and look at the size of the paper holder!


This Coca Cola machine is in pristine condition! And as Tommy said….everything has a price)) The Coke machine was in the window of the store and the image isn’t so good since so much sunlight was streaming in, but on the front you can see that the Cokes were 10 cents. It’s very interesting to get into reading about how popular these old machines still are and how they become prized possessions of those owning them.

You dropped your dime or two nickels in and turned the crank, the bottle of coke would drop down and appear in the opening on the front. These would have been glass bottle Cokes.

My memories of a Coke machine like this come from my elementary days of school at Pinedale (Union county MS). I attended Pinedale from first grade through the 5th before the school was closed and we were forced to switch to another school. In our case it was Hurricane (Pontotoc, MS).

In the hallway between the elementary side and high school side, there was a Coke machine just like this. The Cokes at that time were 6 cents….they had been just a nickle, but had gone up to 6 cents. So, if you were lucky, you could go over the high school side and get a Coke for recess. Back in those days, we also had access to a little candy store operated by the janitor and teachers during recess time. You could get candy, gum, chips, pencils, paper….all sorts of things….course we mostly bought a bit of candy)))

Plan on spending some time when you visit Sappington’s because you will find much more than just clothes there.))

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