An Afternoon with Matt

Occasionally we pick Matt up after school when Carrie and David are swamped in the shop. On this day, I had some errands to run in town so I left a little early to pick Matt up. He’s our youngest grandson and in the second grade.

If you’re not familiar with the “car rider” process…..let me enlighten you))) You have to get in line early, you enter the school yard in the proper direction or you will be scolded by 50 agitated Moms. On this day, I finished my errands earlier than I had anticipated so I figured…what the heck, I’ll get in line “real” early and Matt will be tickled to be one of the first kids called on to meet his chauffeur.

Wrong….man…., I got to the school a good 30-35- minutes before they start letting the car riders out….and there were already 20 cars or so in line. So, I take my place in line and wait patiently. Well the line gets longer and longer behind me…’s comes a car….and sneaks into a little crack in the line. I mean…really. Who would do that? I was just waiting for the flogging to begin, but maybe Moms were too busy to scold this driver….who knows, maybe it was a grandmother like me and they felt sorry for her.

As I get closer to the pick up area….I roll my window down and say…I’d like a nice, clean and sweet 7 year old boy, with brown hair and blue eyes)))

Not really, it’s all very matter of fact….Matt Martin I call through through the rolled down glass and wait as the teacher/assistant/employee looks at me and says, yes…I remember you. I think that was a good yes, hoping anyway. She speaks into her walkie talkie “Matt Martin to #5!” So I ease on up to the #5 slot. Matt gets to the slot just about the same time I do, grinning from ear to ear….him, not me.

The teacher/assistant/employee opens the back door of the car and Matt jumps in, buckles up and away we go.

You have to admit, it really is a great process, except for the waiting.  At the beginning of the year, the parents must list persons acceptable to pick up a child. Course we’re in a small town too and teachers quickly associate kids with the grands. All and all, it’s still a great process. Can’t help but have a little fear that on one of these pickups Matt might decide to be cute and say…..I don’t know who that is, I’m not getting in that car! All three of our grandchildren are comedians…..

There was no such thing as car riders when I was in the second grade, unless you count the kids who had parents that taught. Other than those few children, the rest of us were bus riders. We might even have the same bus driver for all our years of school. And all the drivers were men. No so of today’s bus drivers. As I was waiting in line I got to noticing…..all lady drivers, no men at all on this day.

When we rode the bus, there would always be a lucky teenager who would get chosen to drive the bus driver’s personal vehicle to school. Guess the driver needed a way back home or had errands to run after the bus route. But one of the more dependable kids would get the keys tossed to them and they would hop out of the bus in front of the driver’s home and drive that vehicle to school. Another lucky person might get to ride with them. Have no idea if any of these teenagers had their actual licenses or not. Can you imagine that happening in today’s world. No, me either.

I win the grandmother award today…..I brought a juice box and kept it cool in a bag of ice and a small snack. What kid isn’t starving to death when they get out of school!

When we get back home, the first thing we do is go through the back pack and get out the homework. He pulls out his sheets and starts to work. We review the spelling and do the reading. He really does pretty well I think.

Then I start to sweat…..there is a math sheet and I’m reading the instructions…..”model the numbers….” What the heck is “model the numbers.” I almost panic… I am, masters in nursing, graduate of Ole Miss….leadership position for more years than I care to remember….and clueless to “model the numbers.”  I’m getting ready to call his Mom, when he reaches over, takes the sheet and says “awww this is easy, we did this in First Grade.” I’m overcome with relief….have spared myself from this child knowing…..that I know nothing.

After the homework and another snack, he wants to go outside and ride the golf cart. Several months ago the hubby upgraded the golf cart and brought the old one home just for this purpose….for the kids to tool around in the yard on. Plus, he reminded me that he has on his shirt that says he can drive.

I believe that shirt is referring to a golf driver….but I play along and say okay….I’m riding with you.

As always, before they ever start the cart, my husband is there reminding them, go slow, only ride on the level parts of the yard, if you don’t stay on the level parts you might turn over….they’ve heard it a thousand times.

Used golf cart for sale.

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