Riding from Ecru to New Albany

Last week some friends and I took a ride down the Tanglefoot Trail. This trip was from the whistle stop at Ecru all the way to New Albany and back. About a 22 mile trip ….a long trip for me anyway but it was the second time I had done it and it was much easier on this occasion. It could have been because the weather was about 10 degrees cooler too!

It was a beautiful day, sunshine, a crisp coolness in the air, the trail covered in leaves that crunched as we rode over them. Perfect day for a ride.

There were hazards along the way….squirrels dashing out on the trail…protecting their nuts.

Squirrels dashing out on the trail….protecting their winter harvest of acorns, hickory nuts and pecans.)))

You have to be careful…with words and squirrels! These squirrels have become so accustomed to riders along the trail that they are desensitized to humans! While a squirrel getting run over by a bike might not be much of a consequence to the squirrel, it can be deadly to a rider!

Sometimes you run upon a varmint and it’s like a Mexican standoff….they don’t know whether to stand their ground or run….and one cannot not make split second moves on a bike! Or I can’t anyway…..it’s like trying to look behind you….I can’t do it! Can’t keep my balance unless my eyes are straight ahead…..so if you come up behind me on the trail…..holler loudly…lol

The whistle stop at Ingomar is a nice place to take a break.


Ingomar is located in Union County and the site of Ingomar Mounds. This Middle Woodland Mound Site has been dated to approximately 2,200 years ago.  According to the Union County Heritage Museum, “it is the oldest documented man-made site in Union County.

The Smithsonian archaeologists excavated the site in the middle 1880s, creating the map (below) and taking hundreds of objects for its permanent collection.  A selection of those objects is on loan from the Smithsonian to the Union County Heritage Museum and are currently on exhibit”.  The museum is a great place to visit, I recommend it highly.

We passed by a soybean field that was being harvested. Here are some images of a leafy green field and one where the the beans have been exfoliated and left to dry for a time. After that, they are ready for harvesting.

Soybean Field

Soybean Field Exfoliated

Soybean Field Being Harvested

When riding on the trail you notice different scents almost every time you ride. There was no particular smell to the soybean harvesting, not like there is when cotton is being picked.

The smell of fresh cut hay is one that you will never forget. Here’s a few images of the same field, days apart.

Freshly Cut Hay Field

Baled Hay

Hay Field after rain, already growing again.

It’s strange how sometimes you ride the same path and notice smells one day….next time you don’t notice them at all.

The smell of horses was so prominent one day, I had to pull over and check out where they were. Found this pretty mare and her colt munching grass along the fence.


That’s all for now, hope you’ll follow the Baby Boomer Blogger!

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