Matt’s Second Grade Tribute to Veterans

I can’t think of anything sweeter than children singing. This past week my husband and I were able to visit Matt’s Pontotoc Elementary School and enjoy the second graders’ tribute to veterans. I was able to get some video, but not all of the program, so here’s a little bit of the joyous sound they made.

Matt’s special veterans include my husband Terry, otherwise known as “Pop” to the grandchildren. He’s 66 and served in the Army 1968-1969.

Then there is my dad, known to the grandchildren as “J.T.” Yes, they call him by his first name, it’s by no means disrespectful, it’s treasured.

Here’s a photo of Matt and his great grandfather from several years back. He is now 93 and he served in the Army-Air Force. My mother also worked on base while he was in service.

Matt’s a little bit older now as we all are, but these are special images that I wanted to share.

As our grandchildren grow up, these opportunities to enjoy school events will soon be gone…..until some great-grandchildren come along)))

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