Opened an Etsy Shop!

Retiring calls for downsizing. You know what this means…..going into the attic…digging through boxes of stuff packed away, some long forgotten about….some past treasures that now you wonder why you ever bought!

Anyway….I’m sorting through things and adding to my Etsy Shop. Check out these new listings:

This is part of a collection of glassware I started in the early 1970’s. It was dime store products. Blue carnival glass from Indiana Glass.

Now, if you’re a collector….you know it isn’t “real” carnival glass….right? “Real” carnival glass was iridescent pieces from the Depression era. It’s similar, I guess and called carnival glass because of the iridescent properties. For a while I collected some Depression glass. First I raided my mother and grandmother’s cabinets for any old pieces and those I’ll keep. Then I started searching for small pieces at yard sales, etc. It was fun to identify old patterns. I’ll be posting some of those for sale too.

Typically I would purchase a box of Indiana Glass every couple of weeks, some of it I put in layaway for a while. The glassware was stored in my china cabinet in our old house and when we moved into our current house, about 25 years ago, it was safely packed away into the attic where it has been snoozing away all this time.

It’s time for it to go…..there are only so many things that a daughter or grandchildren will want from our “treasures” that we have collected through the years…..better to find new homes for things now)))

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