Chocolate Covered Strawberries

 Chocolate Covered Strawberries…..this is how I spent my morning on Valentine’s Day. My three grandchildren have gotten accustomed to getting chocolate covered strawberries on certain holidays so today I got an early start!

I picked up (or my husband did) four quarts of strawberries and went to work. First thing of course is the wash the berries and let them drain. You want to make sure the berries are dry, so pat them gently with a paper towel.

 While the berries are drying, you can prepare your chocolate. I used one bag of chocolate chips and 4 T of Crisco. I use the kind that come in a bar and you can just slice off 4 T.

Place the chocolate chips and Crisco in a double boiler if you have one. I have one, but it wasn’t handy so I used a small sauce pan and placed it in water.

You want your sauce pan to be deep enough that the boiling water doesn’t splash up into your chocolate. And if the pan is small, you’ll have deeper chocolate to dip into. Bring the water to a boil, then turn it down to just where it’s gently boiling.

Let the chocolate chips and Crisco melt. Stirring occasionally. You can also melt them in your microwave too. While your chocolate is melting, set up a place to put your strawberries once they are dipped. Ideally, you can use toothpicks to dip your strawberries with, and then stick the strawberries upside down on a piece of Styrofoam and they can cool without having a flat smudge on them. No Styrofoam here, so I fixed an area on the counter top with waxed paper.

Once everything has melted, you’re ready to dip.

To get the berry ready to dip, pull the leaves back out of the way a little.

Hold the berry by the leaves and dip into the chocolate. Again, you can use a toothpick, but to me, this helps keep the leaves from getting chocolate on them.

Place the berry on the waxed paper for cooling. Continue dipping starting with your largest berries first.

As your chocolate dwindles down, you may have to use a spoon to dip the chocolate and drizzle over the berries. These won’t be quite as neat as the first ones, but they are easily camouflaged with candy sprinkles. What kid doesn’t like candy sprinkles!

The one bag of chips covered almost 48 berries this time,
more than enough to divide out for three kids)))

Do not be tempted, let the strawberries dry! As you lift them off the wax paper, you will have a flat area where they touched the wax paper and it may be a little bare. If you are a perfectionist, you can reheat the pan if you still have any chocolate left, and dip that little bare spot to cover. I didn’t and I promise you, it did not get noticed by any one of the three grandchildren)))

Save your plastic containers, wash them out and place some parchment paper in the bottom and place your berries carefully back in the container.

Tie with a pretty bow and you’re done!

So each child got their own box of chocolate covered strawberries….plus the hubby and I had a box for ourselves, and we still have a few strawberries left over. Four quarts of strawberries were $6.00 and the chips about $1.50. Not bad for a three Valentine gifts! They’re not Sherry’s Berries of course….but they tasted pretty doggone good!

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