Back on the Trail

I’m sorry to say that I have been slow about getting back on my bicycle this year. No excuses, just laziness on my part. But I have started riding a little)))

One trip we went south on the trail towards the Algoma community. Here’s a few pics from that trip. 
 Blackberry vines in full bloom. 
If you want to see my blog post about picking blackberries in my childhood, check this out: Picking Blackberries 
Yellow Honeysuckle growing up trees. 
Honeysuckle blooms are also red, but it seems I haven’t been seeing as much of the red lately. 
Don’t know what this is… was just pretty)))
 Thought these were Lazy Susans, but they usually have black centers. But it still looks like some sort of daisy.
Seafood Junction! 
Looks sort of empty right now, but on Thursday, Friday, & Saturday night they have folks directing the parking it’s so busy!
 This is what it looks like on a typical serving night.
Great place for family dining))) 
Check out Seafood Junction on Facebook
 Algoma Whistlestop
The “resting” place. Bathroom and water fountain and a nice place to rest your tush for a bit.
 Algoma Police Station
Quiet day in Algoma today, but nice to know someone is watching))
Algoma Post Office
Algoma Store
Here’s the hub of activity for Algoma! May not look like it in this pic, I happened up on the store in between the busy times. Early mornings the store will be full of folks having breakfast, drinking coffee or just visiting a “spell.” 
 Lunch times are pretty busy at Algoma. Great food to choose from and you can bet, locals know exactly what’s on the menu from day to day. Sometimes we plan our rides on Friday because that barbecue day)))
Greg and Tabby Vaughn are owners of the Algoma store and they would love for you to stop and visit. They serve breakfast and lunch six days a week! Bookmark it as a stopping place when your riding the Tanglefoot Trail. Drop in on their Facebook page to learn more.
Usually when we ride toward Algoma we see goats….turkeys….you just never know!

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