Oh My Goodness……We’re Building a New House!

Well….it may be a little late in life to start this undertaking, but we’ve decided to downsize or “down yard” and move to a smaller place, closer to town, less yard work etc.

This has not been an easy decision to make but we made it and now we’ll see it through))) Thought it might be helpful to others to share our progress along the way as we navigate the pitfalls, highlights and questions…..I have so many questions!

First thing on the list was selection of the lot. We found what we thought was an ideal place, just outside the city limits. It was about two acres, wooded and in a very nice neighborhood. Did I mention that it was right close to Carrie, Dave and the kids? No, I didn’t think so)))

We gave it a lot of thought because we didn’t want to be so close them to hinder them in anyway or anything like that. We talked it over with them and after all was said and done, it was deemed agreeable by all parties)))

We made an offer on the lot and it was turned down, more than once. We had just about given up on this “perfect” place. So we let it slide for awhile and looked at some other lots. After a few months, low and behold, the seller was more motivated and accepted our offer! Yay!!! Or so we thought. We had fun looking at the lot, looking for the stakes, tramping all over the place, picking out trees we would keep, trees that would go. Then the day before the sale was to be finalized, there was a problem. The property had liens against it. So much for that piece of property.

We hoped the situation would be resolved, but it appeared that it wasn’t going to happen. So we gave up on it. Then much to our surprise a few months ago, it looked like it might be available again….it was going into foreclosure and would be auctioned off at the courthouse.

Another opportunity for learning. We had never participated in any sort of auction. We did some ground work as advised by a realtor friend, and had a title search done before the auction. Our attorney did that and we were good to go. We also went to the bank and got a letter of recommendation of sort that we had the money to purchase the lot (the buyer had to be prepared to pay for the property immediately).

With our letter in hand we showed up at the courthouse hoping we would be the only people interested in the lot, well we were not.  Needless to say, we didn’t get that lot. We were sort of disappointed, but not really. We had envisioned buying a lot as a quick and clean sale and this one had not been But we learned some things that we had not experienced before!

We settled on another lot in the same neighborhood. Did I mention that it was even closer to Carrie and Dave? No, I didn’t think so. But we all decided that this lot would work, that we would still be “out of sight” from their place so we proceeded on.

I’ll post more about this process as we go and maybe it will be beneficial to others that are embarking on the same journey. Would love to hear your comments too!

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