Picking out Brick

Carrie had already told me that one of the first things we would have to do when starting the house was to pick out brick. Really! You would think this would come later on down the line, but I guess the brick have to be manufactured and delivered, thus the reason for early selection.

Oh my goodness! I hadn’t realized there were so many things to think about when choosing brick!

We haven’t had a visit with Magnolia Brick yet, but in researching the internet I discovered brick comes in grades:

Exterior Grade: SW is the top grade, made to withstand below-freezing temperatures in a moist climate, such as much of the northern United States. MW is a second exterior grade, made to withstand freezing temperatures but in a drier and milder climate, like most of the southern United States.

Third Grade: Used for interiors. And I do want a few touches of brick on the inside. Fireplace of course and a little bit in the kitchen and/or living area. It’s so hard to know exactly how much brick. I don’t want to do anything to the house that in ten years I’ll be regretting.

Antique or Used Brick: I don’t know, but I’m guessing that these would likely be more expensive than just new brick….but I don’t know yet.

Another thing to consider will be Brick Colors. I imagine the only way to choose a brick color will be to drive around until you spot it!

Brick Faces…..Brick Sizes……and then there is mortar color….oh my….lots to learn about!

Here’s a image that I like for a back porch fireplace.

Love the arched fireplace and that looks like an outdoor kitchen to the right of the fireplace. Beautiful setting! But there is a lot of brick…..I think I would consider making the floor surface something else. What do you think?

I hope you’ll join us on this journey into the new house building. I’m open to ideas…..do’s and don’ts from your previous experiences too. The more information the better!

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