FIVE Best Swimsuits for the Not So Slim Baby Boomer

 Ten  FIVE Best Swimsuits for the Not So Slim Baby Boomer

It’s that time of the year that we all hate…..time to try on swimsuits! Goodness….I must get out of the rut and throw away the last suit I purchased which was great at the time…..but really….it’s been 10 years now. It lasted for way more years than it was intended…’s time move on.

And so. the search begins.

Swimsuit shopping is such a personal thing…..I don’t know if it’s best to go alone or take a friend. At least with a friend, between the two of you, you do get a few good laughs…lol

Whatever you do…..don’t go with someone who says….yeah, it looks great, lets go…

So this year, I’m exploring the online suits to see if that works better for me.

Here’s my picks……

1.  Women’s Mastectomy Slender Tunic One Piece Swimsuit suit is from Land’s End.  It looks like a very good possibility even for the lady who hasn’t had a mastectomy.

I like the higher neckline, it looks like it would help the “spilling” over that happens with a lot of suits. And I like the back. The left sided shirring is supposed to be flattering and it’s made out of Spandex.

Remember now….Spandex doesn’t get rid of anything. It may hold it in here and there….but ultimately it has to go somewhere! This suits comes in black and blackberry which is  a very deep purple.Love the color choices and the old fashioned look of this swimsuit.

2.  Women’s Slender Underwire Carmela One Piece Swimsuit suit is also from Land’s End. Love the print and love that it comes up a little higher in the front.

It’s an underwire and that’s the type bra I love, but I’ve never had underwire in a swimsuit that might be interesting.

It not really noticeable, but it too has some shirring at the waist.

3.  Must Have Love Knot Underwire Tankini Top suite is by Miraclesuit. The last time I had anything
made by Miraclesuit, it felt like wearing an elasticized tarp. But that was a long time ago and I’m not opposed to trying them again.

This is just a top, called a Tankini, you would have to find a pair of bottoms to match.

The top is an underwire and is softly draped. The ad says that the model is wearing an actual size 10 which is something you rarely see on swimsuit advertising. This ad was from Macy’s.  Material is a Polyester and Spandex and it comes in black or violet.

4. Waterworks Mosaic Tankini Top & ShapeMe High-Waist Swim Briefs top and bottom comes from Coldwater Creek which used to be one of my favorite places to shop. I only say used to be, because our local store closed and now all that is available to me in online. But I liked their clothes. Seemed to me they were geared toward the Baby Boomer age but still very trendy and attractive.

This is a another tankini top with a slimming slant-away curve at one side, each deep ruffle sways and adds femininity – deftly camouflaging and flattering your curves – so it says))) But it is very pretty and definitely a possibility.

The high waist bottoms I think I would like. Especially the part where they come up over the waist line and will be well hidden by the tankini top. Read the reviews however if you’re considering ordering from Coldwater Creek. Looks like the sizes run true so you might not need to get a larger size “just in case.” Another plus with the black bottom is that
you could wear it with other tankini tops and have two new suits)))

5.  Jantzen Rio Breeze Blouson Tankini Swim Top & Caribbean Joe Shaping Skort Swim Bottom suit was advertised by Belk and they had a lot! But it’s really the only one that I thought might be a keeper, for me anyway.

The top is colorful and the v-pattern is slimming. I like the blouson effect. Belk does give good instructions on measuring for a swimsuit.

The bottom I really like! It’s not the one shown with the top however. This bottom looks like it would give good coverage but still be short enough not to look like you were wearing a swimsuit with a skirt.

This post started out as the TEN best swimsuits…..well it is was not easy finding those ten swimsuits out of probably a hundred that I looked at!

My choice? I settled on the first one of course….isn’t that typical. I chose the Women’s Mastectomy Slender Tunic One Piece Swimsuit in the blackberry color. No, I haven’t had a mastectomy, but with the suit coming up a little higher in the underarms, might help that “spill over.” Anyway, it should be here this week so I’ll have a chance to try it on before heading to Orange Beach next weekend)))

I sure hope it fits! I can’t bear to drag out old “grey” and wear again…..I’m afraid it will disintegrate if I go in the water!!

(This post contains affiliate links)

6/8/17 Update: Yay!!!! My new swimsuit came in today))) I ordered the  Women’s Mastectomy Slender Tunic One Piece Swimsuit in the blackberry in a size 8. Size 8 would have been the first thing I would have tried had I seen the swimsuit in a store, and it was the smallest size they had available. It fits just right! Not perfect, but sure nothing to write home about.

I love the color, and the material. It appears well made. The clasp is not the easiest to manage alone, but after it’s worn a few times I imagine it will get easier.

The butt portion could be a tiny bit snugger, but it’s really fine))) I love the higher neck, there is less fullness spilling over the top and I like the back. It’s a keeper!

 Love the shirring on the side.

Headed to the beach this weekend, I’ll let you know how it holds up in the water)))



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