The Ed Sullivan Show

According to Today in History, the last Ed Sullivan Show was aired on 6/5/1971. This show was a standard on Sunday nights for our family. It was viewed in black and white and we were there for Elvis, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, the Jackson Five, Mamas and Papas, and so many more. Fantastic acrobatic acts and comedians and I especially liked the little mouse Topo Gigio.

For some reason Teresa Brewer really stands out in my memory. It may have been because I had a doll that looked just like her! Don’t remember if it was just by chance or if it was a Teresa Brewer Doll, but she was wearing earrings, had upswept hair and a beautiful dress. She was much like Barbie, but this was before Barbie’s debut in 1959. She wasn’t quite as Twiggy thin as Barbie.

This show was great entertainment… violence, no bleeping was necessary and the whole family could watch.

This year we have a new ornament at Trendy Ornaments that represents the era of the Baby Boomer, the Retro TV. The hang tag on this ornament reads:   Remember the days when you had to get up to change the channel, fiddle with the antennae and adjust the picture? Families have welcomed classic characters such as Lucy & Ricky, the Beav and Mister Ed into their homes through the wonder of television.

Old World Christmas could have mentioned the Ed Sullivan Show on this hang too, it would have fit perfectly)))

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