Maggie’s Candy Corn Tree

Maggie (our granddaughter) and I spent an afternoon at the craft table yesterday making this cute Candy Corn Tree. It really was very easy to do, took a little time of course, but she was pleased with the result and took it home to decorate her room))

This was the first time we had made this project so it was trial and error along the way.


Rectangular Styrofoam
Tissue Paper – Yellow, Orange, White
36″ wooden dowel
Hot Glue
Washi tape

My initial intent was to make a triangle out of the Styrofoam block which was about 12″ x 18″ or so and almost 2″ thick. That piece of Styrofoam cost $8 which I thought was rather expensive for this project. So, we decided to make our triangle out of cardboard and just glue a piece of Styrofoam to the bottom of the triangle.

In hindsight, this added a good bit of time to our project and if we were to do it again….cut the triangle out of the Styrofoam and eat the $8.

We just cut pieces of cardboard and made about a 10″ triangle, filled in the sides cardboard and sliced off a piece of the Styrofoam and hot glued to the bottom of the triangle. We needed the Styrofoam on the bottom so we could insert the wooden dowel.

The wooden dowel was 36″ so we cut off a 14″ piece and covered it with black and white polka dot Washi tape. You could paint the dowel or cover with ribbon.

Maggie loves Washi tape, so we went with tape.

Next we took the dowel and made a hole in the center of our Styrofoam. Then put a generous amount of hot glue on the end of the dowel and inserted into the Styrofoam.

This was set aside to dry for a bit.

We found this little Halloween container at a dollar store for $1. But it was made of cardboard. Since we were going to use Plaster of Paris to secure our tree, we found a plastic cup that would fit inside the cardboard container. We just had to trim about 1/2″ off the top so it would sit a little below the top of the container. You could use a little flower pot, big mug….lots of options. Our local dollar store was just out of options!

Next we mixed up the Plaster of Paris according to the directions on the container. This was plaster left over from a previous project so we decided to use it. You could also fit a piece of Styrofoam in the container and secure it with hot glue. But the plaster added some weight so we didn’t have any trouble keeping the tree upright.

Mix the Plaster of Paris 2:1 – two parts plaster, one part water. It works best if you measure the plaster and add the water slowly. Stir to remove lump. It should be about the consistency of pancake or cake batter. If it looks too thin…just add more plaster or more water if it’s too thick.

Of course….Maggie wasn’t familiar with the consistency of pancake batter…lol Teachable moment here))) For our first batch, we mixed 1 cup of plaster with 1/2 cup water. Added a little more plaster to make it thicker.

 We poured the plaster in our cup and positioned the tree in it. I held the tree in place, while Maggie mixed up another 1 cup of plaster and 1/2 cup water and she poured this extra plaster to where it came within about a 1/2″ of the top of our cup.

We set the tree aside and just positioned some heavy wrenches around the tree to keep it centered while it was setting up. It only takes 15 minutes or so.

While the tree was setting up, we cut the tissue paper. The paper we were able to find had yellow and orange in it and white in a package by itself. We purchased 1 bag of white and 2 of the yellow/orange combinations. These were $1 per bag. We did have to open both bags of the yellow/orange to have enough yellow for the project.

We cut the tissue into 5″ sq
uares. Before we started applying the squares, we took a moment to cover the triangle with white tissue paper. We were afraid that the brown cardboard might show through. Again, another step that could have been omitted if we had just gone with the Styrofoam from the git go.

We took a square of tissue paper and a small dowel and placed it in the center of the square. 
Then we put a bit of hot glue on the end, and positioned the paper on the tree starting about 1/2″ from the bottom of the triangle.

We continued placing our squares of paper all across the bottom, all the way around the tree. We spaced them out about 1/2″ apart. (Hint, as we got closer to finishing, we spaced them more like 1″ apart….this part does get a little tedious.)

You can use a pencil to hold your ruffles, you just need something that doesn’t have a point. I tried it with my fingers, but it gets too messy. Just press the ruffled paper to the tree and remove the dowel. Occasionally one might come off and we just re-glued it and put it back in place.

We started out with two round of ruffles in the yellow. This is variable. It would have helped if we had marked off our sections to begin with. Next time I would do that. Occasionally you may have to add extras in here and there to level things up a bit.

We placed the tree in our container and stuffed extra tissue paper around the inner cup so it would be more secure.

To hid our plaster, we had intended to cover the top with Candy Corn….but there was none at our store! We had to go with eyeball bubble gum. But you could add something like paper shreds….Easter grass…etc.

Our tree measured about 30″ in ht and 19-20″ in width, so it really turned out a nice size. We really had very little expense in it and I told Maggie….this is the kind of project you can decorate with and once the holiday is over, just discard it. She said “no way!” She plans to keep the tree in her closet until next year….we’ll see how that goes…lol

This was an easy project to do but the best part was having someone special to do it with)))  It got boring at times, but Maggie hung in there until the finish while her brothers were outside in the fall sunshine tossing a football and playing with the dog.

It was a nice afternoon)))

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