Sweet Memories of Sunday School

Re-Post: As I sit here this morning before getting dressed for church, my mind wandered back on a memory of my granddaughter Maggie and her Sunday School class. She was about three at the time. One Sunday after church, our daughter, son in law and the grandchildren came to our house for lunch. Maggie came in holding something so gently in her hands and gave it to me.

It was a little clay piece that I thought was maybe supposed to be a boat or the ark or something like that but she told me no, it was a jar of clay that they had made in Sunday School. I thought it was so sweet! Had her little fingerprints all over it. It wasn’t quite dry, so I took it from her and placed it in a safe place on the mantel in the living room.

Can’t tell you how many times I walked by that little handmade piece and would just swell with pride to know that my sweet granddaughter had made that, and wanted me to have it. And that her mom and dad take the kids to church, see that they go to Sunday School and participate in church activities. Lots of positive vibes came from that little piece. I would get misty eyed most every time I looked it at.

The little piece stayed on my mantel for years, occasionally I would have to clean up a little crumble here and there but I preserved it the best I could.

Then one day a few years later, Maggie came in and noticed the little clay piece on the mantel and picked it up looking at it. She was still fairly young and being the child she was, wasn’t being as cautious with it as I though she should, so I said be careful! I’m keeping that, we don’t want to break it. She asked why I was keeping it. I said, well because you made it! You made it in Sunday School and gave it to me a long time ago and I’ll always want to keep it.

She said, “oh, I didn’t make that, the teacher did.”

Well, I didn’t know what to do……all these years I had treasured that little piece of clay because her tiny hands had formed it…..or so I thought….it was kind of funny, but it really made me sad too.

Now, here was the dilemma, keep it or toss it! I sure didn’t care anything about hanging on to something the teacher had made….but I swear….I could not throw that little piece away! I moved it from the mantel and tucked it in the corner of my china cabinet. I’m sure no one but me knows it’s there and when I’m gone and someone sorts through my things, it will get tossed in the trash.

It brought a lot of nice memories that are still precious……and it’s made me smile and laugh a few times too. Would you keep it?

4/26/18 Update: Well I kept it))) Moved it with us into the  new house and it’s in a safe place))

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