Lighted Christmas Lantern for Dog Lovers

Don’t we all love our mischievous pets! This cute red lighted lantern from RAZ would make the perfect keepsake for that pet lover you know.

3800775 Pups Lighted Lantern from RAZ

This is a new lantern from RAZ from the 2018 Camp Christmas collection. All the lanterns that RAZ has produced over the past couple of years have been widely popular. These new pet lanterns will be equally popular.

They are made of plastic and measure about 4″ x 9″. They are lighted and have timers! You can set these when you put them out, and the will turn off and turn on every 18 hours. They are battery operated. Kids will love them, but do keep out of the reach of children. They are not toys.

If you are interested in purchasing this item, you can click on the image and go to the product page on Trendy Tree. There is a place there where you can enter your email address to request to be notified the moment they arrive and are available for purchase. Don’t wait!

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