Recliners in the Living Room Yes or No?

My Living Room

Okay, I’m with most of the women when it comes to recliners in the living. Yes, they are comfortable, but goodness they are usually so big and take us so much room.

We recently moved into our new house and the hubby’s old leather easy chair was about 20 years and worn out ten years ago! He realized it had to go and couldn’t be moved into the new house so all he talked about was getting a new recliner.

Well, we shopped….and we looked. He sat in recliner after recliner. Wanted a Lazy Boy, but they make noise! I really didn’t want him to get a recliner, but was willing to go along with something maybe in fabric, that looked more like as easy chair versus a pillow back recliner that three people could sit in!

So we shopped. He wanted leather. Period. We looked and every time he found something he liked, it either was not leather, not the right color, mechanism wasn’t smooth enough etc. He did not want anything other than a handle recline mechanism.

Now you have to understand, my husband worked in the furniture industry practically all his life. He knows his business around upholstered furniture, which comes in very handy. When I picked out some new sofas he was right on board with them because they were eight-way hand tie. Didn’t mean a thing to me, but he said, yes, these are quality. They will last for years and could be recovered yadda yadda yadda. They were nice to sit on and fit in the scheme I had in mind for the new living area. Recliners did not.

I mean….what are you going to do with one recliner…..nothing will match it….I didn’t want a sofa, loveseat and chair arrangement all out of the same material. I had in mind, two matching sofas facing each either and two easy chairs to compliment the sofas. Not a recliner.

Then we found these recliners. And the store had a matched pair!

Barcalounger Churchill Double Fudge Recliner from Vintage Collection

This recliner is made by Barcalounger. It’s called the Churchill and this color is double fudge. It’s a press back or push back style recliner. The leather is beautiful and the accent with the nail heads is very nice. Super comfortable and not hard for me to sit and push back. I liked them right off the bat because they don’t look so much like a recliner. They look more like as easy chair and are very comfortable sitting upright, not being in the reclining position.
Barcalounger Churchill Recliner

When reclined, they do take up some room, but not excessive. The are pretty from the back also.
Barcalounger Churchill Double Fudge Color

 Since we spent so much time looking for a beautiful recliner, I thought I would share our findings. It might save you some time if you are looking for something similar.

This recliner comes in six colors. The seat cushion is made by Leggett & Platt which is a local company for us and that made it even that much better to us.

These are not inexpensive recliners, but if you are looking for quality, comfort and beauty, you will find it in this Barcalounger recliner. We’ve had ours for a few months now and I’m sold on them)))

My Living Room

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