You’re Never Too Old to Learn

Wednesday was a difficult day. We buried a precious family member. My sister, Karen, was diagnosed with lung cancer in January and died May 7, 2018. We buried her May 9th on what would have been my grandmother’s birthday.

This morning, we took my 95 year old dad to the cemetery. He had attended the services, but  wasn’t able to go back to the cemetery in the afternoon to see the closed grave. So we took him this morning.

She’s buried not far from a huge oak tree and there was shade almost reaching her grave. As we talked, and looked at the flowers I was struggling for something to say without crying and I said, well it won’t be long until she will be in the shade of that big oak tree.

Daddy stepped back and said, no, now Jeannie Dale, that’s east. The shade will get shorter and will be on the other side of the tree after while. She was in the shade early this morning. The flowers looked fresher so I guess that was why.


So rest in the early morning shade Karen and some day we will see each other again.


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