Allen Roth Pendant Lighting in the Kitchen

Someone asked me the other day where I got my pendant lights in the kitchen. So I’m sharing this information along with some images.

When we first started looking for pendant lights for the island, I wasn’t sure exactly how many we needed, but the island is about 12′ in length so we opted for three lights.

We shopped a couple of lighting stores and found some really beautiful pendant lights, all quite pricey. Then we also looked at Lowe’s, Home Depot and Wayfair and settled on these Allen Roth Aged Bronze Vintage Single Clear Glass Pendant lights that we purchased at Lowe’s.

The lights look like old gallon jugs! The aged bronze in the description described\s the actual metal part that holds the old fashion Edison style bulb. Another plus is that it comes with a bulb! The Edison lights give off more of a yellow cast versus bright white lights, but this was fine for our purposes. I like the look that is appears to be hanging on a thick rope like wire.

The glass is a hammered style glass that is clear but not sparkling clear. You can find more information on the lights at Lowes. I’ve included a link in the image.

They are not as ornate as the similar ones we saw in the specialty lighting store, but also about $100 less.

We have been very happy with the looks of these lights so far, no cons at all from my standpoint.

Also at Lowe’s…..if you or your husband is a veteran, retired or inactive, you can get an additional 10% off, you just have to ask for it.

*post includes affiliate link

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