Riverside Farmhouse Table

Looking for a farmhouse style table? I found one! After a long search, I found just what I was looking for in a dining table.

I love this table! It fits our needs perfectly. We wanted something of the cottage or farmhouse style, but not too rustic. A lot of the tables we looked at (or I should say I looked at) in the off white, distressed look, had a dark wood top. This look was nice, but to me it was reminiscent of the 1970’s and 80’s which isn’t a bad thing….it’s just not what I wanted this time. 

The slat back chairs are black and did not come with the table. They are by another manufacturer, and can be purchased through Walmart right now and they also ship free!

The wood chair legs matched the wood legs of the bar stools we have and I wanted something plain, not upholstered, but comfortable. We have had upholstered dining chairs in the past and I’m over this. From now on I’m going for more items that are easy to clean and maintain. I did give up my leather sofas for fabric ones this time, but the grandchildren are all grown now so that helps the furniture. Of course I still have to remind the teenagers to eat at the bar! I mean my goodness, the bar is only a few few away. I’m a meanie.

These chairs fit perfectly for what we were looking for. They are solid wood, and comfortable.  Chairs came packed two to a box and arrived in good condition. They were in pieces, but once one was put together, the rest followed easily. We ordered 8 chairs. They were easy to assemble. The legs do not have any sort of floor protectors, so we added felt tips which were extra and got these at Walmart. In hindsight, we should have got the kind of floor protectors that are nailed on instead of stick on. That will be my next project. To change the tips out))))

The table measures 66″ in width and 42″ in depth. There is an 18″ leaf and with the leaf in, the table is 88″ Six chairs work perfect, and it’s not really too tight with eight chairs. If you need something smaller, four chairs would work without the leaf.

We wanted to be able to have six chairs around the table all the time, and we tucked two more chairs out of sight, one in my closet which has come in quite handy and one in the office. It’s no trouble to get one of the grandkids to bring in an extra chair when needed. Isn’t that their job?

The color is an off white that the company, Riverside, calls “weathered worn white.” It has distressing along the edges and on the legs and comes from the Aberdeen Collection.

One thing I did learn while shopping for a table, was how much easier extra chairs fit when you choose a table with legs at the corners. Sliding in an extra chair doesn’t work well with the trestle table style, you wind up bumping your knees.

The table is very heavy and is constructed of Poplar hardwood and and Ash veneer. The table arrived in a large flat box and was very heavy. It really takes two men to handle. The legs were easy to attach and the hardware was just the bolts and washers to attach the legs.

And the good news, the table is available on Amazon along with free shipping …..how easy is that! More on my other dining furniture later. There’s a short video clip too of my new table at the bottom of this post.

Here are the care instructions just in case yours doesn’t come with them.

  • Dust with a clean, lint-free absorbent cloth.
  • To clean, use a soft damp cloth. If necessary, use a mild soap solution and rinse with clean, cool water.
  • For extra protection, rub on a light application of good furniture polish. When dry, buff with a soft cloth.
  • Avoid placing furniture in direct sunlight
  • Never let spilled food or beverage dry on the finish.
  • To prevent moisture damage, always use a coaster or pad beneath beverage glasses and potted plants
  • Always use a protective pad beneath lamps or accessories and on writing surface.
  • Do not place rubber or vinyl products on the finish
  • Scratches and nicks can be touched up with a crayon, shoe polish or a touch-up stick.

Love my new table by Riverside


*Post contains affiliate links.

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