Time to Start Fresh!

It’s a new beginning…..again….as Forrest Gump would say….. Time to revive my personal blog, Baby Boomer Blogger!

My goal is to share stories….fabulous finds… DIY crafts and much more, as we navigate this thing called retirement. I see no reason not to enjoy it completely….beautifully…and comfortably….all while being on a fixed income.

Wow….sounds like quite a task…..course everyone’s taste is different but we all want to feel the best we can, enjoy our family and friends for as long as we can and to feel safe and secure in our homes. We want to enjoy retirement!

I hope that you will follow along with me on this journey and be patient as I revive and breathe new life into this blog site….it can’t all be done in a matter of hours….it’s like that old joke about “how do you eat an elephant? …..one small bite at a time.”))

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