Welcome 2019!

Good morning! Well, it’s here…..you can’t put it off any longer. 2019 is a fresh new start. Time to put all baggage behind you and move on. Easy to say isn’t it.

2018 may have been a banner year for you, or it may not. It could have been a time of fun and prosperity or it could have had more sorrow than happiness. Most people experience a combination of happy and sad things, but, the sun still comes up and we have to get up and get going with it.

Have you started your resolutions for the new year? We all do it don’t we…..we make them, write lists, clear the junk out of our pantry and swear we are going to do better. And we do….for a few weeks….and then we fall off the wagon. This could apply to resolutions for diet, exercise….working less….and even retirement maybe.

When a person reaches “baby boomer” state….every day is a blessing and we really need to take advantage of what we have at our disposal…..family, friends…our environment. We have so many resources available to us, we could have a full calendar of events everyday!

Most of use don’t necessarily want a full calendar! But, we could utilize that calendar to make sure we give ourselves free time to do those relaxing things….whether it be read a book on the back porch….watch TV in our pj’s and sit on a park bench watching ducks at the lake. It our time! Time to do what we want, when we want to! We don’t have to listen to what we “should” do. Our time left on this Earth is limited. We’ve worked hard to get to where we are.

If you haven’t noticed, there are a lot of people out there that don’t like baby boomers! Hard to believe isn’t it. Here we are, the group of people who were raised to work hard, live right, follow the rules, stay out of trouble and do your share. We did! I was never a flower child and my husband was no draft card burner. He joined the Army before he was drafted. Enough about that, I’m sure I’ll receive some hate mail away….but that’s okay.

Here’s my thoughts for my resolutions for 2019.

  1. Get up, get dressed, make the bed. If you’re dressed for the day, receiving an invitation to do something later in the day is easier to accept. If you get invited, but know….well…I have to get dressed, do my makeup and hair…..I think I’ll just pass. So do it on arising! P.S. I have to give my husband credit, he does a lot of the bed making.
  2. Exercise: Walking is the best exercise. It doesn’t cost anything, doesn’t require anything special, just walk. Walk where it’s safe of course….in a mall if you need to or on downtown streets, up and down your driveway. It’s not hard to find somewhere to walk. My plan is to air up my bike tires and get back on the Tanglefoot Trail.
  3. Drink more water. Why is this so hard! I like water….drinking something other than water is a habit and one I need to work on breaking. My daughter will be happy if I do this….she is the “drink water queen.” So I will try…..again.
  4. Work Less. Yes, this should probably be number one for me. I’m retired, right? Yes. This should mean doing only what I want to do more or less for the fun of it. Yes, I still like a little extra income….call it play money or emergency fund…whatever. And I still will have that a little with my blog, YouTube videos and affiliate marketing. But the days of working at the computer all day I plan to put behind me. That’s my plan. If you are interested in how affiliate marketing results in a little income, I’ll be happy to share that with you later.
  5. Spend more time with the hubby. We’ve been together almost 50 years so you might think spending more time together is a no brainer, but he has some health conditions that together we can improve. He’s a diabetic and we CAN have better meals. There is absolutely no reason we can’t do better with diet and exercise. Exercise, pertains to me. He walks most every day and stays very active. My plan to to encourage him to be on the golf course more and if I go with him, maybe that will happen. It will be good for both of us.

Okay, five is enough! There are more things that I want to do of course, but too many to list and if I stick to the five above…..the other things will fall in place because I’ll have more time to do them, feel better physically and everything is going to be lovely. Right…lol. But we have to try!

Time to get up, move away from the computer…..already I have to play catch up! I went straight to the computer this morning to write this post…..so I still have to get dressed and make the bed. But I do hear the vacuum running….so he may already have it made))))

I’ve already broken rule #3…..had a Diet Pepsi first thing. I’m so bad. But you know what they say, fall off the horse, get back up and get back on. So I’ll get water for the next drink. It’s rainy outside….but I have a membership at the Wellness Center that I’ve paid monthly….at least for two or three years…..and don’t think I went a time last year! So I have a place to walk…… and I can think about that healthy dinner….maybe some chicken and veggies on the grill.

Wish me luck!

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