Decorate for Valentine’s Day with this Twig Bicycle

Are you always looking for things that you can use in your home to decorate that you can leave there for several seasons? Me too!

Carrie found this adorable twig bicycle at market this year and my first thought was…..year round decorating!


This bicycle is made of grapevine twig and comes with a spring floral arrangement in the basket. But you could easily change that out for the seasons or occasions.

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and you could fill the basket with pretty heart likes these red burlap hearts from Burton and Burton. The hearts are on a string garland but you could pile them all in the basket, or clip them apart. They are covered in red burlap and have twine and raffia wrapped around them.


You could also tuck in a few Valentines, new or old. Here’s one from an old box of Valentines kept from the 1950’s.


Here’s a Valentine from my very first boyfriend…..I’m so glad I kept these through the years. This one had a little screw in it so it could be folded to go in a smaller envelope. It would have been the “premium” Valentine in the box. Reserved for special people)))


You can barely see the name on the back of the card and it has the initial H.M. That was his name. He was the cutest boy in the class (to me) and we were a pair all through elementary school. We rode the same school bus. Here’s another image.


We were the king and queen for some kind of function or beauty review. Wasn’t he the cutest))) My mother made this lavender evening gown out of satin and tulle. It had tiny little flowers sewn by hand and sequins on the collar.

Looks like I had my Sunday shoes on with socks. You may not can tell it here, but I was taken to school for the pictures and back home again……sick with the red measles! Don’t you know the other moms appreciated my efforts! Goodness…..I think we all had them though. Once someone got sick, we all did.

Anyway, back to the bicycle! I’ll post more ideas later on what to put in the basket. Decorating for occasions like Valentine is not something I go all out for, but it’s nice to just have an arrangement on the table, or something on the mantel that bright and cheery. So throwing some hearts and Valentines in a basket, will be just perfect for my house.

It’s easier to do a spot of decorating here and there.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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