Keto Crackers

Okay… the hubby and I started on the keto diet plan. He didn’t need to lose weight, he only wanted to get his A1c under better control. He has diabetes. Me, I want to lose a few pounds.

Well, you know what happened……he is losing weight….me, I’m just sitting here. But, I haven’t gained. I didn’t even want to weigh! I wanted to wait until my clothes were feeling better…..I really didn’t want to know what my starting point was! But he insisted… I weighed. How depressing! So now I know. How could I have reached that point? But it is what it is. And if he asks me one more time have I lost any weight cause he thinks I have….I’m going to pour canola oil in his coffee.

For almost all the years we’ve been married I’ve been a nurse, and a nurse practitioner for the last 20+ years. All during this time I’ve talked about diet, smoking, alcohol etc. Ever since he was diagnosed as a diabetic I’ve reviewed the diet, made suggestions etc. But I’ll have to admit, I have pretty much cooked whatever I wanted. He will eat anything that I fix, so I take some of the blame that we/he has not followed a very good diet.

On his last medical visit, his A1c had not come down and his doctor who is a very good friend also, told him to leave off sugar, bread and potatoes and this is where we began. Then he found Dr. Ken Berry on YouTube! Well, if you haven’t watched him, and you’re interested in the keto diet, you should.

He has fallen hook, link and sinker for the man. At night after supper, we watch a few episodes of Dr. Ken and he covers everything from diet to blood pressure just to name a few.

So, we’re trying and he is doing great! His blood sugars are under better control already and we’re not going hungry that’s for sure.

Pinterest is loaded with such delicious looking keto recipes and some I’ve tried, some were not good! But you never know until you try.

It’s hard to get excited about eating meat, veggies and a salad every night! If you have some ideas, help me out! Please!

I made these crackers the other day based on the Fathead dough. Made a few little changes and they were not bad considering we hadn’t had a cracker in over two weeks. Also made some homemade tomato soup to go with them so together it was pretty satisfying. The crackers got soft after the meal though, but we’re still eating them! It’s good just to be able to chew on something that resembles bread)))



Once I have tried these a couple more times and keep tweaking the recipe, I’ll share, but they still need work.

One thing I did learn while making the tomato soup though was using coconut flour and cream as my thickening agent, it only took a dab! Typically I would have used a couple of tablespoons of flour and a little milk to thicken the soup. So this time I used coconut flour and cream. Good gracious, that little combination fluffed up into nearly a cup of thickener!

More later….he’s wanting me to weigh!


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