Back Porch with Outdoor Kitchen

Back porch with outdoor kitchen – my happy place!

One thing we wanted when we built our retirement home was a larger back porch and outdoor kitchen. Downsizing is something that happens to most of us seniors. Time to thin out the clutter and get a smaller home, smaller yard, no stairs, no pool. This happened for us recently.

back porch outdoor kitchen

Here’s a short video clip of the back porch. It isn’t quite finished yet, but you’ll get the picture.

Thought I would share some of the thing we discovered while building our outdoor kitchen space. It’s a lot to cover, so I’ll do it in segments. We’ll cover the general dimension, floor and ceiling first.

We enlarged the space for the back porch from the plan, so it wound up being about a 20′ x 22′ space. Larger would have been nicer, but at some point you  have to settle.

We plan (maybe) to eventually screen in the open side, or perhaps consider some heavy curtains or roll up shades across the back. We love the feel of the openness but having something there would be more comfortable on windy days.

Below is a view of the door that opening into the kitchen area. The fireplace is to the right. This was taken before cedar mantel was installed.

back porch outdoor kitchen


back porch outdoor kitchen


back porch outdoor kitchen


The ceiling is about 11′ in ht and is made of ship lap, stained the same as the kitchen ceiling and office inside. The ship lap was created with 5″ tongue and groove boards placed individually.

Recessed can lighting with LED bulbs really yields a LOT of light. Great for cooking or reading, but a little too much when just sitting around in the evening.

Two outdoor ceiling fans were purchased at Home Depot. The can lighting all came from the TrueValue hardware store. Be sure to choose a ceiling fan rated for outdoor use.

shiplap ceiling


For some ambient lighting, when the can lighting was too much, we found a floor lamp and matching table lamp that had a bit of a farmhouse style.

The floor lamp is an Allen Roth 66″ bronze multi head floor lamp with glass shades.  It’s available at Amazon and here’s an affiliate link: Allen Roth Latchbury 66″ Floor Lamp.

A matching table lamp by Allen Roth Latchbury   was used on the countertop to complete the extra ambient lighting.

Allen Roth Latchbury 30" Lamp

Here’s the affiliate link for the Allen Roth Latchbury 30″ Lamp.

Edison bulbs gives a nice soft warm glow as compared to extra bright LED bulbs.


edison bulb

The porch surface was concrete and we debated on using a finished concrete type, but opted for porcelain tile that we saw in the 2019 St. Jude Dream home given away in Tupelo last year.

The flooring is an Italian porcelain tile made for indoor or outdoor use. The name is New York Broadway and tiles are 4″ x 8″ Grouting was a dark grey. It’s really hard to pick out tile without seeing a complete floor of it. See the St Jude Dream home really helped. We instantly knew that we wanted to use the Broadway tiles somewhere in the house and the back porch (and side porch) was perfect.

New York Broadway Porcelain Brick Tile


New York Broadway Porcelain Tile Brick Floor

In the next post we’ll talk about the kitchen appliances and this was where we saved the most money on our project.


#This post contains affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if the links are clicked on.

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